Disclaimer, terms of use, and privacy policy


Disclaimer – terms of use – privacy policy Here lays information about greengross terms of use, its privacy policy and info about the disclaimer of cheapingchip marketing,




cheapingchip, the possessor of greengross under the law, defines its disclaimer at each website separately. In addition, cheapingchip states that is not responsible for the content or for access specifications and requirements set by websites or pages that are withing the authors’ or editors’ maintaining responsibility.

Thus, cheapingchip defines Remviartwogirl and Culturilla websites’ content as content for 16+ years old only. This thesis is considered to be a necessity, since editors/authors and artists are welcome to express without limitations.


Terms of use

The only term of use is to read each website’s terms of use. By using any of the websites you agree to accept the contents of the specific website’s terms of use, disclaimer, and privacy policy. 


Privacy policy

Each website has different privacy policy. cheapingchip contests has a separate privacy policy, wogirl and lbloll use the privacy policy of greengross (seen in the following paragraph), Culturilla has a separate privacy policy, and Remviart has different privacy policies for the artists, the businesses and the website visitors.

greengross collects emails for its newsletter. The emails will not be sold or given to any third part for any reason, including any acquisition (if this ever occures, the subscribers will be notified to resubscribe).